Antique LCG Case Large with Tray - Blank with NO Engraving
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We now have a batch of boxes ready for shipping! We only release a small amount every Sunday, and we currently have enough for the next few months of sales. However, this current batch has some excess staining on the decorative edges. They are a bit on the sloppy side, there is nothing we can do about this unfortunately! 
You could sand and paint it when you get it, and as a result, we have these on a special offer with money knocked off the standard price for this small defect. 
The images are a true representation of the current batch.

A blank case that comes fully built ready for use. This is an unusual model that we manufacture and build before shipping out and comes complete with dividers. This one is blank, with no engraving of any kind on the front or sides.

There isn't really very much we can say that will tell folks any more than the pictures do :)

All case fittings are metal, the studs, the corner protectors, the clasps and hinges...all metal.  The banding and carry handle is PU Leather (not an animal product). I wouldn't recommend carrying by the handle when fully loaded, as of course these are more for show than an actual heavy duty handle! This new version comes with heavy duty stay hinges that prevent the case lis from flipping back and damaging the hinges, this was a common complaint on the old cases! 

40 dividers are included and are placed in the case ready for use but can be moved or removed as folks require.

Dimensions and Storage Sizes:

Outer Case:
• Length: 405mm
• Width: 335mm
• Height: 150mm

Internal Storage Sizes:
• Capacity : 5,166 Cards (comes with 40 dividers included)
• Maximum Card height in case 95mm
• Maximum Card width 70mm
• Internal Tray: 370mm x 260mm x 35mm

• The outer case comes as seen in the pictures fully built.
• Case is supplied fully assembled
• We no longer offer any engravings on these items