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Divider 70x95mm - Pack of 10
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Our dividers are manufactured in the UK from High Quality Finsa FSC Accredited MDF and suit a range of boxes depending on the size of the cards and boxes.

They are sold in packs of 10 ready to slot into your LGC Gaming Case.

Suitable for:
• Large Antique
• Medium / Intermediate Antique
• ATR Cases
• OPStore Base Case

• Width: 70mm
• Height: 95mm
• Thickness: 2mm

Want to know which divider you need?
• Measure the width of the card box (or the existing divider - minus the 'lugs') - This is the width
• Measure the Height from the bottom of the box, to the top of the box where the divider slots end - This is the height

Made from 2mm Finsa Brand High Quality FSC Accredited MDF