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OPStore - Standard Full Board Tray (35mm)
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Minimum order:1
Out of stock
Additional board trays to suit the storage boxes listed below.

Unlike other low quality foam core or plywood cases this system uses Laminated fibre board that is cleaned and prepared professionally to ensure your cards do not get marked or damaged.

Dimensions and Storage Sizes (Internal):
• Length: 367mm
• Width:307mm
• Height: 35mm

Used With:

• Elder Sign Limited Edition
• Base Multicase
• Talisman Elite (All versions)
• Dominion (All versions)
• Eldritch Horror Large Expanable
• Elder Sign LGC (Box of Vile Darkness)

Tray is supplied flatpacked for end user assembly. (Glue not included) (Video Instructions on the company YTube page)

Product Code: STAPIN9R78