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OPStore - Base Multi Case
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An entirely different way to store your game needs, Once you have any of the base case designs you can add to them later using the simple but effective interlocking sides to continue growing your storage solution. This model is one of the base designs from which you can build a complete solution. Additional trays can be purchased elsewhere in this section allowing you to build cases to suit your need rather than having to purchase solutions that may be too small or too large.

Build instructions and an explanation of the new OPstore available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4kJp-mqt6k  (Opens in a new window)

Dimensions and Storage Sizes:

Outer Case:
• Length: 390mm
• Width:320mm
• Height: 110mm

Internal Storage Sizes:
• Capacity : 5,166 Cards (30 dividers included)
• Maximum Card height in case 95mm
• Maximum Card width 70mm

The outer case now comes BLANK for use with ANY game you desire. We will be adding a standard catalogue of lids at some point, or if you want a lid added, please request one through our contact us page.

Case is supplied flatpacked for end user assembly.

Product Code: ARK2MI4E94