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Keyforge Standard Edition
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Out of stock
A very special case designed for the new game Keyforge smaller than most of our boxes but with multiple divider positions (dividers can be moved around) and decent amounts of storage inside.(2,190 cards)

Over the top of the cards is a 15mm tall gap to allow for those custom BGG divider inserts folks like.

Lighter weight and size means cheaper postage as well and cheaper over all cost to buy.

Dimensions and Storage Sizes:

Outer Case:
• Length: 240mm
• Width: 240mm
• Height: 112mm

Internal Storage Sizes:
• Capacity : 2,190 Cards (20 dividers included) For each divider used 7 cards should be subtracted from the total number of cards that can be stored.
• Maximum Card height in case 95mm
• Maximum Card width 70mm

Case is supplied flatpacked for end user assembly.

Product Code: KEY781WO8