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Eldritch Horror Large Expandable with 3 Trays
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Much bigger storage and control for Eldritch Horror and it's expansions,

A 3 layer case with the ability to add extra layers as and when more expansions are released or more space is needed. This type of case is now being called the "Kallax Buster" as there is no longer a need to buy shelves when all the case components will interlock rather than being stored on shelves on their own.This means less space is taken up while still offering the best protection for these expensive games. A connecting base is due for release so more than one stack can be stored side by side !

Unlike other low quality foam core or plywood cases this system uses Laminated fibre board to ensure your cards do not get marked or damaged.

Dimensions and Storage Sizes:

Overall Outer Case: (When all supplied stacks are in use)
• Length: 390mm
• Width:320mm
• Height: 130mm

Internal Storage Sizes:

Bottom Tray:
• Capacity : 5,166 Cards (40 dividers included)
• Maximum Card height in case 95mm
• Maximum Card width 70mm

Middle Tray:
• Capacity: 8,186 Cards (50 Dividers Included)
• Maximum Card Height: 65mm
• Maximum Card Width: 43mm

Top Tray:
• Maximum Length: 367mm
• Maximum Width: 307mm
• Maximum Height: 35mm

The outer case comes as standard fully engraved with the lid corner embellishments and the Eldritch Horror Insignia. A video is being prepared to show the method of interlocking various sections and will be posted on the company YT account this evening HERE.

Case is supplied flatpacked for end user assembly.(Glue not supplied)

Product Code: ARK3LQO66