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Arkham Horror (Revision III)
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Storage for the new release of Arkham Horror in it's third generation. In this generation there has been a move to include 3 card sizes making storage more difficult. We have found a way round that and this version will accept all three cards sizes, including 41mm x 63mm, 58mm x 89mm and the large 103mm x 128mm sizes (including sleeved cards)

This is a compact but spacious 3/4 layer case that unlike the usual Multi cases we make is all inside one main outer shell for ease of transport while having more than enough room to store all your game needs and expansions. Some unique features ensure not only are your game parts stored carefully they are also easy to access when you want to play without needing to bend or twist cards to remove them from the box.

Dimensions and Storage Sizes:

Overall Outer Case:
Length: 390mm
Width: 330mm
Height: 195mm

Internal Storage Sizes:
Bottom Tray: (Large Cards)
• Capacity : 4,096 (40 dividers included)
• Maximum Card height in case 93mm
• Maximum Card width 65mm

Bottom Tray: (92mm cards)

• Capacity : 2,048 (20 dividers included)
• Maximum Card height in case 65mm
• Maximum Card width 44mm

Parts Tray: (Layer 1.5) (Removable)
• Internal Sizes: 299mm x 98mm x 28mm

Card Tray Lower: (Removable)
• Card Storage (x2): 132mm x 106mm x 40mm (section includes card ramps and finger slots to make card removal easier)

Component Storage: 132mm x 87mm x 40mm
• Rules / Tiles Storage: 305mm x 230mm x 40mm
• Card Tray Upper: (Removable)
• Token Storage (x7): 57mm x 41mm x 40mm
• Game Board Storage: 305mm x 305mm x 40mm

The outer case comes as standard fully engraved with the lid embellishments and the protection spell circle seen in the pictures.

Need more dividers?
The bottom tray for large cards uses the 65mm x 93mm Dividers
The bottom tray for small cards uses the 43mm x 65mm Dividers