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Mansions Of Madness (Series II)
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This version of the Mansions Of Madness kit case will become the standard for this game.

We have found more room in the case to suit sleeved tiles along with a redesign on the lid that has a far lower scrap potential in production, this means the price can be dropped considerably without losing any of the quality.

Now in stock in sufficient numbers to ensure fast delivery !

Unlike other low quality foam core or plywood cases this system uses Laminated fibre board that is cleaned and prepared professionally to ensure your cards do not get marked or damaged.

Dimensions and Storage Sizes:

Outer Case:
• Length: 385mm
• Width: 280mm
• Height: 150mm

Internal Storage Sizes:
Main Box:
• Capacity : 1,306 Cards (25 dividers included)
• Maximum Card height in case 65mm
• Maximum Card width 51mm

Internal Trays:
Tray 01:
• Width: 370mm
• Depth: 262mm
• Height: 30mm

Tray 02 (two divisions):
• Width: 178mm
• Depth: 178mm
• Height: 48mm

• Width: 178mm
• Depth: 87mm
• Height: 48mm

Tray 03:
• Width: 265mm
• Depth: 74mm
• Height: 24mm

Tray 04:
• Width: 268mm
• Depth: 176mm
• Height: 48mm

Space 06:
• Width: 270mm
• Depth: 94mm
• Height: 94mm

The outer case comes as standard fully engraved with both the Mansions logo designed by us and a detailed haunted house rendition. The card section holds a MAXIMUM of 1,306 cards of the sizes noted above however for each divider that is used you will lose 6 cards equivalent storage, so with say 10 dividers, it will hold 1,306 cards - 60 cards for a total of 1,246 etc etc

Case is supplied flatpacked for end user assembly.

Product Code: MANMJX3023
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