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ATR 302 Arkham Horror Lovecraft LCG Card Game Case
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Out of stock
An entirely new design of case, the ATR range are now made from Scandinavian Pine so can be easily stained or painted to suit the look you want. These are the original OPLaser designs designed by Dave and now offered exclusively through us. We manufacture the inserts and engrave the lids here on site to order, and have ample stock of boxes for a quick dispatch. Please allow 2-4 days for assembly and engraving.

The Pine outer box is fully assembled as is the internal storage system itself however when dispatched the two parts are simply fitted together rather than being glued so folks can easily lift out the inner to allow easier painting / staining of the outer without marking the inner section with paint or wood stain. This gives a nice clean look to the case once the inner is again dropped back in (and glued if required)

No other assembly is required and this case is around 122% stronger than any of the Antique models.

There is 15mm of clearance over the top of the dividers to allow for your own custom markers or dividers to be added and an extra 1.5mm of width to each car slot (total width 71.5mm).

The main boxes can be stained using any commercially available wood stain or painted using any paint that will work with wood. We supply them totally built with a minor exception, the inner storage box is built and fitted but is NOT bonded in, this allows end users to either leave the finish plain and bond the inner section or stain/paint the outher before bonding the inner. Any glue such as PVA or Gorilla Wood Glue will work very well to attach the inner to the outer and only requires 5 x 10mm spots of glue to achieve this (literally, 5 drops)

Dimensions and Storage Sizes:

Outer Case:
• Length: 320mm
• Width: 320mm
• Height: 122mm

Internal Storage Sizes:
• Capacity : 3,890 Cards (24 dividers included)
• Maximum Card height in case 95mm
• Maximum Card width 71.5mm

Case Features:
• Lighter overall weight for postage
• More storage than the smaller antique
• Hinges with retainers as standard
• Clip lock box closure to protect cards
• 15mm of headroom for custom end user dividers
• 24 standard dividers included and more available in store
• The outer case comes fully engraved with the Arkham Horror Lovecraft Design on the lid.
• Outer Box - Scandinavian Pine
• Inner Storage - Medium Density Fibre Sheet
• Box Top & Bottom - Baltic Birch Ply
• Main Hinges & Closures - Plated Steel