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EMD40 DDA Engine:

Offered in 3mm format much the same as all our kits. The sizes required are as follows.

Largest part size in 3mm Material: Main Chassis 562mm Long !

This is without doubt one of the most complicated and testing kits we have ever done. The EMD40 tractor unit is the worlds largest and most powerful unit pumping just over 6,900 BHP from it's twin cummins diesel engines.

285 Parts ! and even experienced users may find assembly takes 4 to 5 hours without glue drying times !

Unusually expensive but that is due to the amount of research and design time taken to bring this model to end users. If this proves to be a popular download then we will look at the possibility of making a sectional version available for smaller machines down to K40 size.

Over the next few days even though there are numbered instructions we will cut and film a kit being built to help end users of this extensive and complicated design.

Others have attempted to bring this model to laser cutters but as yet this is the ONLY fully faithful, scaled version of the real machine.

Product Code: EMDAS3G795

About our files:

All our DXF designs can be scaled in either direction, only your own machine or cutting ability will be the limiting factor in how big or small you may go.

Our default minimum cutting beam we recommend is 0.18mm (0.007 inch) at a 3mm material thickness (material type and material thickness will vary your results).

All files can be instantly downloaded after payment and are available to you on either the product page or directly from your account at all times.
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  • This products file contents:

  • EMD40DDX 3.2mm (Instructions) (Final)-Model.pdf - 123.9KB
  • EMD40DDX 3mm (Work).dxf - 2.9MB

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