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Aim54 Phoenix Missile:

A simple but effective skeleton kit of the highly destructive AIM54 Phoenix missile. One of the few ways you can own one of these in your own home without upsetting MI5 :)

The phoenix is the nearest missile in the above picture.

Be aware, the longest part of this missile is 534mm long (the body rails) please take into account the size of your laser before purchasing.

Product Code: AIMCO4QT67

About our files:

All our DXF designs can be scaled in either direction, only your own machine or cutting ability will be the limiting factor in how big or small you may go.

Our default minimum cutting beam we recommend is 0.18mm (0.007 inch) at a 3mm material thickness (material type and material thickness will vary your results).

All files can be instantly downloaded after payment and are available to you on either the product page or directly from your account at all times.
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  • Pheonix Aim54 3mm.dxf - 764.1KB

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